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  • Mental Health
    At times, the way to find our strength is to lean into others. Mental distress can be a call to cultivate new skills and gain personal insight. Anxiety Depression Trauma and Its Aftermath Low Self Esteem Addiction Grief and Loss
  • Communication
    Communication is so much more than words. It involves meaning, context and history not to mention the body and environment. Colleagues and Professional Relationships Partnership Children and Parents Friendship Workplace Bullying Clinical Consultation and Professional Mentoring
  • Transitions & Thresholds
    Often it’s the liminal, in-between spaces that are hardest to negotiate. Finding your authentic voice when the world is shifting is essential. Work-Life Balance Professional Transitions Spiritual Questioning Mourning and Loss Aging Death and Dying
  • Relationships
    Interacting with others can be a place of growth and profound connection. But it's not always easy. Intimate Relationship Choices Active Listening and Speaking Your Heart Sexuality and Sexual Expression Fighting Fair Setting Appropriate Boundaries Individuals and Couples
  • Physical Health
    When our bodies or those we love are suffering it's hard to maintain balance and a sense of self worth; accessing support is vital. Managing Acute, Chronic and Life Threatening Illness Caring for Others/Care Giver Role Weight Environment and Pollution Dignity and Self Esteem in Illness Yoga and Stress
  • Women's Health
    Transitions define a woman’s experience – whether the monthly transitions of menstruation, the shifts of motherhood or gracefully moving into post menopausal life. Pregnancy Infertility and Treatment Transition to Motherhood Post Partum Depression and Anxiety Menopause Empty Nest
  • Creative & Spiritual
    Our brains are so logical, word bound. This is essential but can also limit others ways of understanding. At times the best way to access knowing is through the non-rational, the body or dreams. Creative Blocks and Expression Yoga and Movement Dream Work Symbols and Archetypes Spiritual Questioning and Exploration
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